Swift's mysterious Builtin module

…ok maybe not that mysterious since Swift is OpenSource. Anyway, you might have noticed something like this if you cmd+click Int type in playground :

Exploring Swift Array's Implementation

An (Swift) Array is contiguous block of memory which has n number of elements of same type, represented by generic type Element. Since the memory which holds the elements is contiguous any individual element can be accessed in O(1) time.

Creating value-type generic Stack in swift with pointers and copy-on-write feature

Swift’s standard library contains all standard data structures you’d expect but it differs from other standard libraries that they’re value type and not reference type. Even their counter part like NSArray, NSMutableArray, NSDictionary etc in Objective-C’s Foundation are all reference type.

Travis build script for swift package manager based packages

Travis CI has OSX images and can build swift code but that’ll be <= swift 2.1 and will not be able to use swift package manager to build the packages yet. This .travis.yml will fetch the open source swift snapshot, install it on ubuntu (14.04) image on travis (called trusty) and run swift build.