Compiling and interpolating C using the Swift Package Manager

I just finished implementing the C target support in swift package manager which means it is possible to have swift package with C language targets mixed in it (previously only system modules were supported).

Improving system modules support in swiftpm

Swift package manager supports C system modules by creating a package with module.modulemap file but there are many issues as descibed by Max Howell in his draft proposal (mailing list) like:

Swift Package Manager Super Updates

There has been high activity on Swift Package Manager recently starting with Kostiantyn Koval and me receiving commit access \o/. Here is a summary of changes which are worth looking at and will affect you if you’re developing packages with swiftpm.

Swift Abstract Syntax Tree

Swift compiler has an interesting mode: -dump-ast which outputs the abstract syntax tree of a swift source code. AST is used to represent the source code in form of a tree containing syntactic information.