Swift Documentation Markup Template Generator using SourceKit

SwiftMarkupGen is a swift package to generate swift documentation markup template given a function signature. It uses sourcekitd.framework to parse the function signature. It can be used to write plugins for text editors. I wrote one for vim, checkout the video demo below:

Creating Objective-C and C++ packages using Swift Package Manager

Swift Package Manager now supports packages with Swift, C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++. It should be available in the next toolchain from trunk (latest right now is 9th May, 2016).

Playing with llbuild core in swift!

Swift Package Manager uses llbuild to build the packages. llbuild is a complex build system like make/ninja etc built on a layered architecture. The bottom most layer is called Core, a buildengine responsible for managing and performing the computations. It is completely written in C++ but I got swift bindings to build …after some fighting with cmake otherwise this post would have been in C++ 😄. Lets use the buildengine to do some computation.

Creating the $1.4 million TSA Randomizer app in under 4 minutes using swift

So apparently IBM took a lot of money to create this simple iPad app which randomly chooses a direction. And then someone created an android(ugh) version in under 10 mins. Then someone created a cross platform cordova(double ughh!) based app in 4 mins.